8.1 Data security. We implement and maintain physical, electronic and management procedures for protection against loss, abuse, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure of subscriber data. These measures include encrypting subscriber data when it is transferred to the service, as well as encrypting subscriber data backups and resting authentication information. We will inform you of unauthorized access or the use of subscription data that will be brought to our attention. If we become aware of an unauthorized disclosure of subscriber data resulting from your use of the Service, we will work with you to investigate the cause of such unauthorized disclosure and will cooperate in good faith to take the necessary steps to avoid future repetitions and comply with applicable data breach reporting laws.8.2 Data Transfer Legislation. They recognize that the use of the service involves the transmission of subscriber data and other communications over the Internet and other networks and that these transfers could be accessed by unauthorized persons. You must protect your authorized user`s credentials and passwords from access or use by unauthorized persons and you are solely responsible for not taking into account. You must notify us immediately of subscriber information support@improvado.io.8.3 about any alleged security breaches. Subscriber data is your property. They grant us a non-exclusive, global and free license for the use, sublicensing, index, storage, aggregation and display of subscriber data, to the extent necessary to provide or execute the service, technical assistance, account management and professional services and to publish, display and distribute unidentified and aggregated information from subscriber data and your use of the Service for the purpose of improving our products and services, as well as for the development, display and distribution of similar repositories and reports, provided that such data is not identified or identifiable by you. Clues. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, all legal instructions must be addressed to the Customer in writing at each address of the customer in the relevant order and all legal information addressed to BQE Software must be addressed in writing to the address listed below.

These communications take effect (a) in the event of personal notification, b) on the declared delivery date, when they are sent by a recognized international courier or night courier, or (c) five (5) working days after sending by written or certified mail (or ten (10) days for the international post office), requested discount, all fees paid in advance. The termination of this contract or a subscription initiated by a customer should be forwarded to BQE Software`s after-sales contact. For clarity reasons, orders, invoices and other documents related to the processing and payment of orders are not legal indications and can be delivered electronically in accordance with standard ordering procedures for BQE software and customers. BQE Software can also announce it through a general communication on the BQE software website for BQE Software`s customer service.