The Transformative Publish -Read (PAR) agreement is a two-year transition pilot (2020-2021) that is proposed on the basis of opt-in. The transition agreement offers ANZ University Libraries the option to pay a single “Publish and Read” fee for unlimited open access publications in all of the company`s magazines by corresponding authors. The agreement provides unlimited access to all paidwalled content in the company`s magazines, including all archives until 1947, for reading and extracting text. In response to the growing demand for information, UC has launched a negotiating tool to serve as a North American framework for the creation of a transformation in the scientific publishing sector. In presenting its course, various global efforts, particularly in Europe, allowed the UC to use the publishers` negotiations to move to the OA. With this toolkit, UC hopes, in the same way, to enable more institutions in the U.S. and Canada to reinvest subscription funds in open access by rethinking and restructuring publisher agreements. Jill Benn, President of CAUL, said: “This agreement is an important step on the road to full and immediate open access to research in the region. This is CAUL`s first transformation/transition agreement with a publishing house, and we are pleased that it is a non-profit organization dedicated to open science. This agreement will allow Australian and New Zealand researchers easy and unrestricted access to publication in the Microbiology Society`s trade journals. We look forward to similar agreements with other scholarly and professional companies, as well as with commercial publishers. A toolkit developed as part of this project is also on the market today.

The toolkit is a resource for companies (and other small and medium-sized publishing houses) that want to explore transformation agreements. It is actively tested in ongoing negotiations between publishers and library consortia. The toolkit contains templates that parties can use to negotiate and execute transformative agreements. We encourage stakeholders to modify and adapt proposals to reflect aspects of their respective agreements and adapt them to the local situation. The report and toolkit are intended to help the learning society`s publishers accelerate their transition to open access (OA) and enter into transformative agreements that free up a multi-year transition in accordance with Plan S for hybrid OA titles.